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For A Healthier And Better Life

Huma Esthetics is a deep-rooted company that opened its doors in January 2020 but has a lot of history behind it. We started our journey in 2012 under the name Inova Assist and together with our trusted suppliers, we are proud to offer you a more inclusive service including Hair Transplantation, Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic Medicine, and Cosmetic Dentistry under complete packages considering both your health and comfort. As the Huma Esthetics family, with our experienced and expert staff, we serve you devotedly to provide you with the most special experience in Cosmetic Surgery.

Huma Esthetics undertakes the duty of improving the quality of its service every day by developing its expert staff, and following the innovations in the sector while progressing confidently and working tirelessly to make you feel perfect.

Always investing in the future, Huma Esthetics is rightfully proud to work with valuable established medical and cosmetic brands. We take firm steps towards becoming a leading company in the cosmetics industry.

As Huma Esthetics, we believe that our values will carry us to the future, and in the light of these values, we aim to maintain our superior and high-quality service for many years.

Huma Esthetics for a healthier and better life…

Our Mission

As Huma Esthetics, our primary mission is to have a qualified and sustainable understanding of service with our expert and experienced staff within the fields such as Medical and Cosmetic Industry in Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Medicine, Cosmetic Dentistry, Nose Jobs, Liposuction, Facelifts, Botox, Hollywood Cheek, and Stem Cell Treatment.

Our second mission is to provide the most innovative service in Cosmetics and Beauty for our valued guests, and to enable them to step into a healthier life with the guidance of our expert staff.

Our Vision

As Huma Esthetics our vision is to closely follow technological developments with our expert staff, and to become one of the most well-known and respected brands in the cosmetic industry within a few years.

Our vision is to increase the brand awareness of Huma Esthetics, to have an international brand positioning, to contribute to the development of the cosmetics sector, and to earn the respect of our peers.




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